Privacy Policy

The Coupa Café policy is explained in the following statement regarding the personal information that is collected from its customers. You may be asked to submit personal information (e.g. your last name, email address, etc) in order to use services from Some of the services include updates on special events offered at Coupa Café or information on new product releases.

Any information that is collected through will be treated in accordance to this policy. is able to provide you with the services you requested after the details are entered in the requested fields. Coupa Café will aim to meet current Internet best practice by acting in accordance with current Internet legislation.

When you visit, the pages that you view along with “cookies” are downloaded to your computer. The majority of the websites online use cookies because they allow the website publisher to determine if the user has visited the site before. If the cookie is left on the user’s computer, then the next time that the same user accesses the same website, the website publisher will find the cookie and know that the user has been to the website before.

Cookies also help provide a better service by assisting us to analyze the profile of our visitors. Whenever you enter a site, your computer will automatically be uploaded with a cookie. These cookies, or text files, help identify a specific computer to the many servers online. Cookies themselves, however, do not identify the individual user, just the computer that is being used. Cookies also help track traffic flows.

Users can choose the level of incoming cookies to accept, by checking the setting of your web browser. Cookies only record the areas of the website that have been viewed and the duration. Users can therefore set their computer to accept all incoming cookies, to notify them when a cookie is being uploaded or to never receive cookies. The last option decreases personalization in websites and reduces other services offered at